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Demografi Relawan Project Child

Volunteer (relawan) merupakan bagian penting Project Child Indonesia. Dari sekian banyak volunteer yang aktif dan pernah aktif di Project Child, demografi volunteer menjadi hal yang menarik. Berikut infografis dari demografi volunteer PCI:

Infographic DWP

Mengapa Drinking Water Program diperlukan? Simak infografis ini untuk tahu lebih dalam tentang peran Drinking Water Program untuk anak sekolah.  

Infografis: NGO Anak di Indonesia

Indonesia merupakan rumah dari jutaan anak dan remaja. Walau demikian belum semua anak di Indonesia berada dalam kehidupan dan keadaan yang aman dan layak. Maka dari itu ada banyak sekali organisasi-organisasi non-profit (NGO) yang bergerak di bidang anak-anak. Berikut ini kami sajikan infografis mengenai NGO Anak yang ada di Indonesia.

The First International Startup Grind Yogyakarta Event

Startup Grind, the world’s biggest entrepreneur community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, held their first official international event at Antologi Collaborative Space, Yogyakarta on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. The event took place as a result of a partnership between Tarugeni Foundation as the local sponsor and Project Child Indonesia as the organizing committee. By bringing […]

Mengapa Anak-Anak Perlu Membawa Air Minum ke Sekolah

Sekolah, pada umumnya, tidak mampu menyediakan akses air minum dengan cepat, mudah dan murah, bagi anak didik mereka. Ketidakmampuan tersebut bisa disebabkan berbagai macam hal, seperti kesulitan akses air bersih di sekitar sekolah, ketiadaan biaya sebagai ongkos pembuatan dan perawatan akses air minum, dan sebagainya. Padahal, waktu yang dihabiskan di sekolah cenderung lebih besar ketimbang […]

Developing Professional Volunteerism in Social Works

  Defining the term “professional volunteerism” is tricky. The word “professional” could mean someone who gets paid for doing a job, whereas the word “volunteerism” means performing work without getting paid. Thus, the term “professional volunteerism” might sound like an oxymoron. However, the word “professional” also means having an exceptional skill and mastery at something. […]

Things that We Need to Know before Becoming a Volunteer

Let’s assume that you have read our article about the benefits of volunteering. You close your browser tab, rise from your comfy bed, and finally promise to yourself that you want to be a volunteer. So, what’s next? While having a good intention is an important start, it is also important to adjust yourself into […]

Sexual Violence against Children

Sexual violence is an issue which is not exclusively happen to adults, as children can also be the victims. Probably we can still remember the tragic incidence in Bengkulu, where Yuyun, a middle schooler, was killed by sexual offenders in 2016. Besides that, there was also an event where a toddler in Bogor died as […]

Project Child Indonesia Conducted a Training for New Volunteers

On Tuesday (7/2), Project Child Indonesia conducted a general training for the batch 24 volunteers. Located at the Parsley Bakery and Cake Shop, the training was intended to prepare the new volunteers before moving directly into the projects. There are generally four main contents of this training. The first is an introduction to the social […]

5 Reasons Why Volunteering is Good for You!

We can all agree that volunteering is a good activity, but how good it actually is to you? Through this brief article, we outline five reasons why volunteering is a perfect choice to do during your spare time in the midst of this urban life.    1.  It will expand your network A no-brainer, volunteering […]