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5 Reasons Why Volunteering is Good for You!

We can all agree that volunteering is a good activity, but how good it actually is to you? Through this brief article, we outline five reasons why volunteering is a perfect choice to do during your spare time in the midst of this urban life.    1.  It will expand your network A no-brainer, volunteering […]

Microfinance Program for Entrepreneurial and Community Growth

Project Child Indonesia always strives to perform its duty as an influential social movement. The next step taken by PCI in enhancing the development in lower socio-economic areas of Yogyakarta, and also in fulfilling its own desire to transform itself into a social enterprise, is to introducing the microcredit program for the exact community the children of […]

Investment in Health and Nutrients is Investment in Education

“Education is an important instrument of peace and development.” Education has always been the key role in the development of human race and civilization, through the refinement of collective ideas that is learned and relearned through education. Advancement of economic and social progress has always been ascribed to the abundant stock of knowledge that nations […]