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Relationships of Reciprocity: How a Two-Day Community-Based Tourism Program Brings a Trifold Benefit to Those Involved

Written by: Will Griffiths The annual Haarlemmermeer Community-Based Tourism program continued this year when a group of students from Haarlemmermeer school in the Netherlands engaged in activities and experiences of cultural learning and exchange in Kampung Code, Yogyakarta. The students are the third Haarlemmermeer group to visit Code for this experience of cross-cultural learning, each […]

Dance Workshop in Code

It is one of our agenda which plan to be held in Code to support the community for developing their potential to become community-based tourism.

World Water Day 2019: “Leaving no one behind”

Billions of people are still living without safe water, struggling to survive. Marginalized groups are often overlooked and heavily affected by discrimination as they try to access the safe water they need. World Water Day 2019 tackles the reasons why people are left behind.


This article does not only address the potential teachers have for screening mental health problems in children after disasters, but also address their role of implementing yoga exercises in schools for children to cope with the aftermath of disasters. This could eliminate the decreased school performances and help to care for the children’s feelings of anxiety and distress.