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Project Child to Expand its Drinking Water Program to Eastern Part of Indonesia

The UN recognizes access to the clean water as one of the basic human rights. However, the access to safe and affordable drinking water is still a country-wide problem in Indonesia. There is still no free drinking water installation system available in primary schools in Indonesia. Thus, the cheapest way to get drinking water is […]

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated at School

By Felix Prayogo   Students, especially those in elementary schools, have a high probability of getting dehydration. The problem with these students is, that they don’t understand the early symptom of dehydration. There are several ways to teach them and make them understand about this issue, but sometimes students need another way to tell that […]

Was ist Ehrenamt?

Ehrenamt. Ist das gut oder schlecht? Das klassische Klischee, das mit dem Wort „Ehrenamt“ verbunden wird, ist laut Dummies eine Person, die viel Freizeit hat und nach einer Beschäftigung sucht. Obwohl dies zutrifft, ist dieses Klischee auch täuschend. Nicht jeder, der ehrenamtlich tätig ist, hat besonders viel Freizeit (vgl. vollzeitangestellte Bürokräfte, die ehrenamtlich für gemeinnützige […]

What Makes a Good Volunteer?

So, you decided to volunteer in a social organization. You’re still new to the volunteer world, so you might be worried or confused on what to do, or what you should do. You also might be afraid to ask to other volunteer or your supervisor. In the end you probably won’t do much work and […]

Why Volunteer? Few Reasons to Consider

So, after you know what is volunteering, you still wondering, what will I get from giving away my free time and resources for something that’s free? Well, when you volunteer, you will get lots of benefit. You might not get salary or money to compensate with, but here are some of the reasons why you […]

Sekolah Pantai Pacitan eröffnet

Am Samstag, den 29. Juli 2017 fand das erste erfolgreiche Treffen in der Sekolah Pantai Pacitan, Ost-Java statt. Nach zwei Jahren Vorbereitung und fast einem Jahr Baumaßnahmen wurde das Schulgebäude endlich fertig gestellt und konnte eingeweiht werden. Das am Pancer Beach gelegene Gelände umfasst neben dem offenen Schulgebäude, ein Büro, eine Küche, Sanitäranlagen, einen Sportplatz, […]

Project Child Indonesia setzte diesen Mai einen tollen Meilenstein

Project Child Indonesia setzte diesen Mai einen tollen Meilenstein. Nach Monaten der Vorbereitung, konnte das neue Programm zur digitalen Bildung erfolgreich gestartet werden. Die Anzahl der Internetzugänge in Indonesien stieg über die letzten Jahre rasant an, so dass es notwendig wird gerade Kinder über die positiven als auch über die negativen Aspekte der Internetnutzung zu […]

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering. Is it good? Is it bad? The classic stereotype that appears when you hear the word “volunteer”, according to Dummies, is someone who has lots of time to spare and is looking for something to do. While it’s correct, this stereotype is also misleading. Not everyone who is volunteering has lots of time to […]

Sekolah Pantai – First Meeting

On Saturday, July 29th 2017, Project Child Indonesia had successfully conducted the first meeting of Sekolah Pantai in Pacitan, East Java. After two years of preparation and almost a year of construction, the school building had finally been ready to use. The school, located in Pancer beach Pacitan, comprises an open-space classroom, an office building, […]

Internet Literacy Program Kick-off

Project Child Indonesia has completed a wonderful milestone this month. After months of preparation, the new Internet Literacy Program has begun successfully. Internet access in Indonesia has grown astronomically but children remain one of the most vulnerable to understanding the positive and negative aspects of the internet. We strongly believe that equipping children with proper […]